Renewable Energy Solutions – Energy Conservation and Energy Consumption Reduction

Renewable Energy Solutions - Energy Conservation and Energy Consumption ReductionThe global community has been slow to recognize the potential of renewable energy solutions. We have known for a while that fossil fuels and nuclear power were the only two viable energy sources for the foreseeable future. While new reports about clean coal technology continue to surface, we are still largely dependent on fossil fuels for our energy needs. According to a new report released by the non-profit think tank Environmental Defense Action, only a tiny fraction of the Earth’s fossil fuel resources can be utilized before the Earth’s stability is threatened.Renewable Energy Solutions - Energy Conservation

New solutions are needed quickly if we are to save our planet from destruction. One such renewable energy solutions come in the form of biofuels, which can replace traditional fossil fuels like gasoline and diesel with safe, reliable, renewable energy technologies. Biomass is one such biofuel that has recently received a lot of attention. The report, “umped petroleum fuels – a sweet deal for the biosphere” written by David P. Gerber and J. David Grisaffi reveals how the use of biomass for fuel can drastically reduce our dependence on foreign oil and therefore climate change.Renewable Energy Solutions

Second renewable energy solutions comes from the idea of electric vehicles (EVs). Many individuals who drive older, less efficient cars find that replacing them with more modern, electric vehicles can actually increase their vehicle efficiency and decrease their overall emissions. Energy efficient, low emission vehicles are key to fighting climate change. A recent study co-sponsored by several environmental organizations and the federal government concluded that the reduction of fuel consumption for electric vehicles could help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions released into the atmosphere by as much as 17%. In order to make these electric vehicles even more cost effective, energy storage technology, such as solar panels and advanced battery technology should also be developed and made available.

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