What Is Passive Solar Energy? – An Off Grid Technology

What Is Passive Solar Energy? - An Off Grid TechnologyWhat is passive solar energy? Solar energy is the converted power stored in the atmosphere into an electrical current, used for electricity production, heating, etc. The sun’s rays are captured through the solar cells or collectors, which are installed in different places in a building, or even on the roof. To trap the sunlight and make it available for electrical use, the photovoltaic cells or solar cells are placed in a frame that has thin sheets of glass or plastic placed over it. In this way, the sun’s rays are reflected and collected by these special constructions, which become the basis of the building’s architecture.What Is Passive Solar Energy?

From a purely aesthetic perspective, passive solar architecture makes sense only when the structure has no connection to electricity supply or air conditioning. In fact, it is a kind of futuristic building that combines the modern with the earth’s natural resources, preserving what nature provides freely. Passive solar buildings, even in remote rural areas, can provide all the electricity a house would need with its consumable and non-exhaustible sun-warmed water supplies. In such structures, windows and doors, which have their own lighting systems, can be strategically placed to let as much natural light as possible into the rooms. In fact, the total system is said to equal the output of 20 traditional private homes using electric appliances alone.Solar Energy An Off Grid Technology

Besides providing electricity, passive solar energy projects also create ventilation and increased energy efficiency. The reduced energy consumption and consequent reduction in utility bills make the whole structure more efficient. With its varied benefits, it has become one of the hottest forms of construction currently available. One can use passive techniques to create a solar home, an off grid structure that uses environmentally friendly and renewable energy sources, saving money and the environment all at the same time.